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This unusual church consists of an aisled nave, an offset northwest tower and a lofty chancel. It is Norman in origin, though possibly on the site of an earlier church, with 13th to 15th-century additions. 




The original Village Hall was opened in March 1957 but unfortunately, a fire destroyed the hall and the new hall was opened by Keith Skipper 3rd May 1997.

POST OFFICE, Village Shop and Tea Rooms


The shop was originally a community shop until it was taken over by its current owners in 2018. Adjoining the shop is the Tea room, which is open daily.  



Mileham Castle (also referred to as ‘Hall Yards’ on old maps) is one of the largest motte and bailey castles in Norfolk. It straddles the B1145, a pre-Conquest road that remained the main east-west route through the county until the 17th century.

The castle was constructed in about 1100 and its remains form a surprisingly imposing monument consisting of a motte built up around the fragments of a stone keep, two baileys and a further banked rectangular enclosure to the north of the road, which now contains Burwood Hall (built-in 1793) and farm buildings.

The positioning of the castle astride the road is thought to have been connected with raising revenue from a possible market place in the northern enclosure and from tolls on travellers. It is probable that the castle had fallen out of use by about 130. 


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