What has the Parish Council been doing about the Mileham School Site!

Mini update:
March 2019 Parish Council Minutes-Sale of the School and Land was discussed 
April 2019- No Further information has been received but our interest was noted
May 2019-District Councillor Kiddle-Morris attended a meeting no update on the Sale 
June 2019- No progress but it is expected to take months to resolve issues with the Charity commission
July 2019-The clerk contacted charities commission again to express our interest in becoming Trustees. The reply stated that we must contact the existing Trustees (NPLaw) which has been actioned. 
Dec 2019-No Further information received from District Councillor or NPLaw.
Jan 2020- District Councillor reported that the Sale had now been forwarded to the Head of Properties
Feb 2020- The Clerk received contact details for the Head of Properties to enable us to contact them directly. 
Mar 2020- Email received from Commercial Property Surveyor...His Reply 

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