Mileham Parish Meeting.

Mileham Parish Council will be holding their next meeting on 

Tuesday 9th March 2021 as a virtual meeting at 7.00pm- Please email the Clerk for the link to the meeting. 

Census 2021 

A good Census is one where every community has the motive, opportunity and support needed to complete the Census-whether online or through paper questionnaire 

Meeting agendas are published the Thursday before Tuesday's meeting. A copy of the agenda is usually displayed on the noticeboard at the Village Hall.

​Minutes of meetings are available to read on the website between one to two weeks after a council meeting. They are published in draft form and approved at the following council meeting.

​Meetings are usually held at the Mileham Village hall.  During the period of a lockdown/social distancing, council meetings are being held online.  

Mileham Parish Council

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Mrs Donna Secker (Parish Clerk)

0743 639 4270


Mileham Castle North view

Mileham Castle North View